My Addiction to Paul Smith Collection

One of my most unforgettable summers was my 2001 summer in Fukuoka, Japan where I visited IMS building that hosted Paul Smith collection. I am a big fan and I’d say I’ll go and buy Paul Smith’s collection. My latest addition is the Paul Smith Black label collection. It makes me feel like I’m back at 1940’s with its tea dress style and floral t-shirts.

Not only that I collect clothes from Paul Smith like cardigans, trousers, skirts, skinny jeans and formal jackets, I also collect all its accessories. Our house is also full of Paul Smith collections such as cushions, wall hangings, rugs and furnishing fabrics. Recently my mom gave me Paul Smith Skelton, collection of tableware and a Paul Smith chair. Most of our furniture in the house is from a Paul Smith store. I could not get over it. I just love how it is crafted with perfection and attention to details.

Lacoste Live Is the Best Clothes for You

In case you need fashionable clothes, then Lacoste Live is for you. With Lacoste, you will see a great variety of clothes and it will be easy for you not to get some clothing that will suit you. Most of these designers’ clothes and accessories are simply irresistible and a necessity for everyone who likes anything unique and stylish. The advantage of having these clothes is that although they are brand new and of very high quality material, they are quite cheap and durable. Simply put, they will give good value for your money.

Be a step ahead of your peers and allow Lacote clothes to be part of your outfit. These clothes are fantastic and can transform your wardrobe in an extraordinary way. Many people who purchase these clothes easily develop attachment to them due to their uniqueness, and they have made them an invaluable part of their life. These vibrant outfits have continued to shape their personality in amazing ways.

Interesting Facts You Ought to Know About Bolongaro Trevor

Bolongaro Trevor is a clothing brand founded in 2005 by the creators of the “”All Saints”” label. This is a collection of shirts, jackets, coats and jeans for both men and women. The clothing designs for this label is more on the vintage side of fashion. If you notice, these clothes are traditional but renewed to suit the demands of time.

According to its designer, this is a name that cannot simply be marked as a label. It should be viewed as part of life. True enough, more and more people have been recognizing the distinct quality of this clothing line. Its rock n’ roll feature even attracts celebrities and music enthusiasts. Though it is new, it has succeeded quite fast. Other than vintage, these designs also show a Gothic side. Nowadays, it is not only being sold and showcased in London, England but it is also made available in numerous department stores and online stores that is accessible worldwide.

Is shopping your favorite past time activity or hobby? If yes, then I’m pretty sure you’re quite updated when it comes to the latest fashion trends. You might be familiar with Bolongaro Trevor fashion Design Company, if not I recommend that you read more of this post. Bolongaro Trevor offers stylish garments for both men and women. The fashion company originated in Britain way back 2007.

And though the company is still considered young, it is already internationally recognized by the fashion industry. Fashion addicts can’t get enough of their unique and innovative fashion styles, whether for hot or cold climates they sure have the right trendy garments to perk up your day! What’s more, they even have their own online fashion house, wherein you can freely browse the latest offerings they have, plus you can avail of the discounts they offer on some selected items. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy shopping!

Customer’s Favorite Features in Stylestalker Shirts

Stylestalker shirts originated from a unique addiction to fashion. This reflected in each of the products of this brand. These shirts show confidence and a lot of attitude. They were actually created for girls who know how to have fun while still looking good. Most of these clothes are sewn and cut in a unique design that can be worn in any combination. Its most interesting feature is its uniqueness. It can be simple and comfortable at the same time. It can also be rough and rugged in some instances. These shirts were made out of themes that are based on the latest fashion updates. What shoppers love the most about these shirts is the fact that it develops according to what most women want their clothes to be. Other than its quality design, uniqueness and confident style, these are sold in low costs. This makes it more favorable for a lot of shoppers.

High school life can be full of pressures. It is in this time when peer pressure comes in. Peer pressure can range for just about anything particularly, fashion. Hence, if you think that you have been bullied for your choice of dull clothes then opt for Stylestalker shirts at once. The brand offers an extensive option when it comes to tops, jeans, dresses and the likes. Its pieces are made of durable materials that can survive well in washings. Apart from that, the said label also has a wide range of trendy tops that come in different cuts, colors and sizes that women would certainly love. Whenever you feel like slipping into a gothic look, you can choose from among the wide variety of black and stylishly printed shirts at your favorite stylestalker boutiques. Being a chic is easy as well as there are a number of vibrant colored shirts carrying the brand. So end looking boring now and shop for these outfits today.

Farah Vintage Collection Faces the Modern Trend of Fashion

Talking about vintage fashion? Then it must be Farah. Farah faced the world of clothing, style, and fashion as early as 1920. But unfortunately, people had not recognized the remarkable creations of Farah, like the Farah Vintage Clothing, until the year 1970. Until now, people of United Kingdom and Great Britain are so amazed by the fashion line and by the people behind Farah creations. The brand’s impetus had grown firmer and stronger. In the year 1980, Farah fever embraced the market of savvy hipsters. It has become the ultimate fashion trend of the people especially the popular ones in the music industry. It seems like it has become the standard look for many. Farah clothing became very popular that it has even set the level of highly respected people representing the group of elites. Up to this day, Farah Vintage Collection is continuing to flood the fashion sense of the new generation.

If you ask British men and women who dominates in vintage fashion, one resounding Farah Vintage Clothing will be heard. The Farah Vintage label is the hottest way to look sleek, chic and vintage. With every style icon of today trying to mirror the styles of yesterday but with a slight tinge of contemporary taste, the label serves to be their medium. Launched in 1920s, the label has come a long way. It has now attracted millions of avid fashion fans and admirers. Its first hit design is the slack trousers made from hopsack canvas. The slim and sharp cut and fit amassed the praise and liking of many British youth. Also, the stain resistant technology promoted by the line added to the number of shoppers as such feature was unlike anything that has been ever offered in the market before. With their high-quality and greatly superior designs, the Farah Vintage Clothing has won the hearts of many.

Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts Are My Dad’s Favourite

My dad is not the kind of a man who is very particular with brands and styles but, I can say that he has good taste when it comes to clothes. Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts have been one of his favourites ever since because as he said, these shirts just give him the kind of fit he needs to feel comfortable and the simple style makes him feel well-groomed.

He would wear these shirts anywhere he goes because working seems to be easier when you feel good about your body and when you do not feel so restricted. When we went out for a coffee together, I actually noticed that some of the women his age would glance at him as if they had seen a celebrity. I just smiled because I was really puzzled about it. I mean, does my dad really look that good? Well, other people have just proven that the answer is yes.

Why Families Love Their Lacoste Footwear

The variety of Lacoste footwear is definitely difficult to resist. What makes it more interesting for families is the fact that there are different shoe models in this brand. They have ones that are specifically designed for men, for women, and for children. Other than this, there are numerous choices to look into in terms of size, color, and design. This allows families to shop together for different types of shoes because it belongs in the same brand, and it can be found in the same location.

This can save them a lot of time and money without wasting the opportunity to bond as a family. This footwear may not be too different than other types of shoes that we see but offering families with this type of opportunity is something that should not be wasted. If you want to know why families love this type of footwear, you got to try it with your family as well.

Folk Knitwear for the Winter

How long was it since you last visited the Folk store? If it has been long enough for you, then you might be missing out their latest collections. The Folk Knitwear for winter is the newest and coolest collection for this cold season. Folk wants you to feel the warmth in the midst of winter without risking the look of an old doll. Instead, you will look as fabulous as ever from Halloween to thanks giving.

And when Christmas comes, you will be confident at all the parties you’ll go to. You will greet the New Year like those sparkling fireworks because of your stunning look. If you want this dream to come true, then you better get on your feet and go to the nearest Folk store near you. Take a look at those new knit wears that they have in store for you. And buy yourself a merry little Christmas gift!

Celebrities Who Love Victoria Beckham Denim

We all want to splurge on designer items because they are not only modish but also tough. It is no wonder why a lot of Hollywood personalities give in to the denim collections of Victoria Beckham denim, which was created by the most celebrated designers in the globe, Victoria aka “”Posh Spice”” Beckham. Some of these noted personalities include the A-lister Cameron Diaz, fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker, and Victoria herself. The chic has been spotted wearing some of her works for a casual day with her sons and some trips to LAX airport.

Meanwhile, teens and budding Hollywood celebrities who were spotted in the jeans include the exotic Vanessa Hudgens, Twilight hottie Kristen Stewart, and the fashionable Blake Lively. Given the wide choices that the label can offer, celebrities and non-celebrities never fail to include such items in their wishlist. So include a touch of posh to your style now and grab one of these trendy pants.

Humor Jeans Are Simply Amazing

Humor jeans are simply amazing. They are among the best jeans in the market today. With their wonderful design and texture, they have cut a niche in the fashion industry. To view them, you can check them out online. For sure, you will like what you are going to see. Their designs are also unique and distinctive.

Although these jeans are from high quality material, their prices are quite competitive and anyone can afford them. They come in different sizes and have a variety of colors, such as beige, red, and blue among others. They are a necessity for everyone who loves fashion and class.

The sorts of clothes you wear speak volumes about you. If you dress well, people will have a positive impression towards you. However, if you dress poorly you can leave a negative impression about yourself. Be the best you can be. Dress in these jeans, and you will see the difference this will make on your self-esteem and personality.

Bolongaro Trevor – Creating a Piece of Art

Bolongaro Trevor is the result of the twinned forces of intense fashion of Kait Bolongaro and Stuart Trevor. Their fashion statements were heard in the year 2007 and it made a tremendous mark in the fashion industry. These two are also the two geniuses behind the All Saints, a true cult classic.Bolongaro Trevor embodies an intense style and fashion. It aims to create a dangerously grave fashion statement. It targets to achieve a modern collection projecting a string and forceful identity. Its designs are mainly based on the Gothic and Victorian era. Bolongaro Trevor is a clothing line that is full of mystery and history. A craft made out of passion.Bolongaro Trevor is a British registered Company. It is made sure that every piece is carefully engineered and are only available in just a very few number per design. This is done in order to maintain high quality and individualism or uniqueness.

If you are a fan of Bolongaro Trevor dresses, then you might want to indulge on these designer items for the upcoming holidays. You actually need not buy these pieces at high prices as there are certain ways on how to get yourself a new dress from the said label at a fraction of a cost. One of the easiest options is to check these out online where you can find a wide variety of such outfits immediately. There are a lot of websites that showcase different clothing and apparels from several designers at discounted prices. Most of these sites offer 20%-50% off from the original prices, which can really be enticing when you have the budget for these items. Buying in bulk online can also help you acquire numerous designer products at affordable prices. After all, there is nothing to lose when buying for these luxurious pieces at a cheaper price since the items are typically authentic.

Jeffery West Shoes Are Simply Irresistible

Jeffery West shoes are simply irresistible. No matter what your preference is, you will find shoes that suit you in this great designer’s collection. The shoes available for sale include boots, moccasins, and brogues, among others.

The shoes you wear as a man show the kind of person that you are. When you wear a bogus pair of shoes, it can give a wrong impression about you. No matter how expensive your clothes are, many people, especially women, will judge by the type of shoes you wear. This clearly shows that shoes can speak volumes about you. They can show whether you are a focused person or not. Forget the hype that says women judge men by the size of their wallet. In the absence of money, many people will automatically judge you by your shoes. Get Jeffery West shoes and let people have a difficult time trying to figure you out. Even without any money in your wallet, you will be the hottest man around.

Geoffrey west official shoes are high quality official shoes made for men. These shoes are normally made in a variety of unique and contrasting designs which make them outstanding. The shoes are usually made using purely tanned leather in order to produce flawless and classy designer shoes. Leather is chosen for making these shoes since it is very strong and durable which is a great aspect in shoes.

Jeffery west official shoes are easy to maintain since they only need to be polished in order for them to maintain their original look. These official wear shoes are made in a variety of designs which are mainly caused by the fastening method of the shoes. Some shoes are normally fastened with shoe laces, some are zipped, and other are fully closed with no fasteners.

These shoes perfectly blend with any official wear and will give the wearer a sense of elegance and sophistication.

The Warmth and Comfort That Lyle and Scott Knitwear Provide

The Lyle and Scott knitwear collection features options of ranges from cardigans and V-neck sweaters. The brand focuses on the needs of men first and then to women when it comes to fashion. The slim fit knitwear is perfect for layering and has a contemporary style with having a trademark of the golden Eagle. The light weight fabric that is being used makes it comfortable and warm to wear. The cotton is of high quality so that the material will be soft for the skin and it won’t disappoint your expectations in knitwear.

The brand sees to it that the distinctive look is being portrayed so that it will turn out to be a unique independent brand for men. The said clothing is perfect for spring and summer seasons that is matched with the modern design and style that men will really appreciate. The details in the knitwear makes it more interesting that you will look great when wearing it.

Lyle and Scott Brand Rebirth

The rebirth of the Lyle and Scott brand way back year 2001 has made it successful that the fashion between contemporary and country was merged. The designs of the polo jackets as well as knit wears were intended for both men and women’s use. Their range of designs and detailed clothing collection has led them to the top and to become popular and well known because they have been providing quality, comfort and customer satisfaction.

The highly popular to the people are the brand’s creation on polo shirts that ranges from different colors and styles. There are designs that comes in plain or stripes and it matches well with the contrasting collar. Their heritage and vintage collection has been well kept in the mind of the people because they already know that the brand is full of quality fashion and style. The needs of the people are well taken care of because of Lyle & Scott’s creations.

Traditional Russian Folk Clothing for Women

Traditional Russian folk clothing for women are designed to show women’s dignity and integrity. They are carefully designed outfits by experts. They enable a woman to work freely without any hindrance. These dresses are made in slightly different fashions. Dresses meant for children are made to fit children well. Those meant for women are bigg in size to allow a woman to perform her daily chores unperturbed. Russian workmanship is carefully done as they mend these clothes so as to give them a traditional look. These clothes can be worn in all events.

They can be worn during festivities. You can also wear them when it is very cold since they cover almost the whole body. They are especially suitable for cold weather. They prevent your body from contracting cold weather related diseases. Traditional Russian folk clothing for women should be your best option, especially a time like this, when we are approaching festivities.