Lacoste Live Makes Me Feel Alive

Fashion is used as a statement and it is applicable to everybody. No one can say that they don’t have a certain style because every piece of clothing is considered as fashion. If you are not updated with fashion, that’s okay because everybody has their own fashion sense. My new style is Lacoste Live! I’m a teenager and as a teenager we like to express ourselves through what we wear. We want to be known as the rebels of our time and we want to feel alive! No one can bring us down because we are the life of this world. And with Live, we can express that through their latest pieces and designs.
I was first in love with Lacoste because my parents are also into Lacoste and now that they had launched Live, I love it even more! Live is for the youth and they are right to give us our own sense of fashion because for us teens, fashion is one of our voices!

clothing photo

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