Interesting Facts You Ought to Know About Bolongaro Trevor

Bolongaro Trevor is a clothing brand founded in 2005 by the creators of the “”All Saints”” label. This is a collection of shirts, jackets, coats and jeans for both men and women. The clothing designs for this label is more on the vintage side of fashion. If you notice, these clothes are traditional but renewed to suit the demands of time.

According to its designer, this is a name that cannot simply be marked as a label. It should be viewed as part of life. True enough, more and more people have been recognizing the distinct quality of this clothing line. Its rock n’ roll feature even attracts celebrities and music enthusiasts. Though it is new, it has succeeded quite fast. Other than vintage, these designs also show a Gothic side. Nowadays, it is not only being sold and showcased in London, England but it is also made available in numerous department stores and online stores that is accessible worldwide.

Is shopping your favorite past time activity or hobby? If yes, then I’m pretty sure you’re quite updated when it comes to the latest fashion trends. You might be familiar with Bolongaro Trevor fashion Design Company, if not I recommend that you read more of this post. Bolongaro Trevor offers stylish garments for both men and women. The fashion company originated in Britain way back 2007.

And though the company is still considered young, it is already internationally recognized by the fashion industry. Fashion addicts can’t get enough of their unique and innovative fashion styles, whether for hot or cold climates they sure have the right trendy garments to perk up your day! What’s more, they even have their own online fashion house, wherein you can freely browse the latest offerings they have, plus you can avail of the discounts they offer on some selected items. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy shopping!

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