My Addiction to Paul Smith Collection

One of my most unforgettable summers was my 2001 summer in Fukuoka, Japan where I visited IMS building that hosted Paul Smith collection. I am a big fan and I’d say I’ll go and buy Paul Smith’s collection. My latest addition is the Paul Smith Black label collection. It makes me feel like I’m back at 1940’s with its tea dress style and floral t-shirts.

Not only that I collect clothes from Paul Smith like cardigans, trousers, skirts, skinny jeans and formal jackets, I also collect all its accessories. Our house is also full of Paul Smith collections such as cushions, wall hangings, rugs and furnishing fabrics. Recently my mom gave me Paul Smith Skelton, collection of tableware and a Paul Smith chair. Most of our furniture in the house is from a Paul Smith store. I could not get over it. I just love how it is crafted with perfection and attention to details.

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