Bolongaro Trevor – Creating a Piece of Art

Bolongaro Trevor is the result of the twinned forces of intense fashion of Kait Bolongaro and Stuart Trevor. Their fashion statements were heard in the year 2007 and it made a tremendous mark in the fashion industry. These two are also the two geniuses behind the All Saints, a true cult classic.Bolongaro Trevor embodies an intense style and fashion. It aims to create a dangerously grave fashion statement. It targets to achieve a modern collection projecting a string and forceful identity. Its designs are mainly based on the Gothic and Victorian era. Bolongaro Trevor is a clothing line that is full of mystery and history. A craft made out of passion.Bolongaro Trevor is a British registered Company. It is made sure that every piece is carefully engineered and are only available in just a very few number per design. This is done in order to maintain high quality and individualism or uniqueness.

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