Best Presents for Special People in MIH Denim

I visited my classmate Jenna this morning because she told me she has a gift for me. I went there and went straight to her room. She gave me a present and when I opened it, it was jeans from MIH Denim. It was the pair of jeans that I have always wanted to buy but did not have the resources in purchasing it.

The Breathless is an ideal ankle length skinny with a slightly cropped length. It has a perfect fit. The pants’ color is blue and the shade is faded. One thing very distinct about this brand is that, it really has a fit that is right for your body. It is neither loose nor tight. This just gives you a comfortable feel. The skinny can be worn casually or to semi-formal gatherings. I thanked Jenna so much for the gift. I did not really expect it. This is another addition to my collection.

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